David Turner, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapy


Adults & Couples

Children & Families

Transitions deal with life changes such as changing jobs, relationship changes, empty nest, becoming a parent, or divorce.

Grief & Loss deals with the loss of an important relationship through death or estrangement, the loss of a job or the loss of independence, etc.

Trauma recovery covers traumatic events such as rape, a history of molest, a history of child abuse, serious violence, car accidents, combat, etc. I particularly enjoy helping those affected by PTSD get their lives back and return to their former level of functioning.

My approach to effective recovery from sexual addiction, internet addiction and porn addiction has shown good results.

Depression is something that affects most of us at some point during our lifetime, and counseling can help resolve the problems that are behind our sad feelings.

Anxiety affects many of us and can harm our relationships and work performance. I enjoy helping anxious people find ways to relax and enjoy their lives more.

Anger can very seriously affect our lives, and I enjoy helping my clients find new freedom with relationships and the work place without blowups and resentment.

Marriage counseling helps couples get back on track, improve their relationship, or just work on communication. Affair recovery is essential for couples that want to stay together after the discovery of an affair.

Pre-marriage counseling can be a good way to keep a great relationship healthy during the transition to married life. It can also help identify potential problems before they can hurt your relationship.

Most issues with children are treated in family therapy. Exceptions involve working with teens, who often benefit from a combination of family therapy and individual time with the counselor.

Parent training can be very helpful for tantruming or defiant children, or when the transition to the teen years features problems the family is struggling to resolve on their own. Parent training is also very useful when parents are experiencing a lot of conflict over their children.

Blended families often experience painfully conflicted relationships, and I have enjoyed helping families negotiate the challenges of step parenting and co-parenting. Children in blended families experience unique loyalty conflicts which can seriously disrupt relationships with other family members.

I have specific training and experience in the area of adoption, whether you are just starting out or experiencing serious challenges to the integrity of your family. Adoptive families often need assistance during the transition to the teen years in particular.

The heartbreak of molest requires a skillful therapist for both the child and the parents. I have had the privilege of shepherding many families through this most difficult of tragedies.

Gender identity issues can be significantly painful and confusing - especially for religious teens and families. I can help the family separate the facts from the myths and face their journey with confidence. I also enjoy working with individual young adults who want to work on their identity outside of family therapy.