David Turner, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapy

The “Notice of Privacy Practices” is also known as the, “HIPAA Form.” According to the HIPAA law, all practices that maintain medical records are required to provide each patient or client a copy of this notice. Here is a link to my notice:

Notice of Privacy Practices

When you come to the office for your first visit, you will sign an acknowledgment form stating you have received a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices. You can download that acknowledgment here to sign and bring with you to your first visit.

Acknowledgement Page

The Informed Consent is an important document I will ask you to read before we begin. You can read it here or you can read a copy when you come to the office for your first visit. You can download and sign the Informed Consent at home, or you can sign a copy when you come to the office.

Informed Consent